HR Solar Solutions Limited

Products & Services

HR Solar Solutions Ltd provide a full and concise Solar Energy installation service. Giving you the peace of mind that you are recieving the best products, best prices and best services from start to finish.

Services Include:

  • Design, supply and Install to completion of PV Solar Systems.
  • High Efficiency Panels with Bypass Diodes.
  • These panels only use 'A' Graded cells to give maximum returns.
  • Supply, Install and Commission a High Efficiency Inverter
  • Supply and fit a MCS Approved Corrosion Proof Rail and Roof Mounting System which complies with all static, wind and snow loading requirements.
  • HR Solar will also help you complete all the paperwork to obtain your Feed In Tariff.
  • You will receive a 10 Year Independent Insurance Backed Guarantee which also covers all Deposits paid.
  • We only use 'A' rated Panels, Inverters and Components to give the best return on your investment for the full 25 years of your Feed In Tariff.
  • Annual % return on your investment = OVER 10%

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We are proud to be Approved Installers:


Why Choose Solar Energy?

  • Cheap Parts = Lower returns on YOUR INVESTMENT
  • Your Investment will last 25 years
  • Just a few pence each day will amount to a large sum of money at the end of 25 years.
  • Your Investment is Index Linked so will rise in line with Inflation each and every year for the full 25 years.
  • Absolute Minimum return on your Investment will be 7-9%